Terms of CoopZone’s Network

I understand and support the purpose and functions of the CoopZone Developers’ Network (CZDN). I agree to abide by the CZDN Code of Ethical Standards and CZDN Code of Professional Standards, and to participate in the Network’s activities. As a condition of my membership in the CZDN, I agree to allow the CZDN to list my name and relevant information contained in this Membership Application in its on-line directory as well to provide this information directly to prospective clients. If I am unable to take on work for which I am referred, I agree to refer the client back to the Network. I understand that members who do not uphold these standards, or standards of competency based on consistent client feedback to CoopZone, may be removed from membership, at the discretion of the CoopZone Board.


A) Commitments of the Developer

As a member of the Network, I commit to uphold the Vision of the CoopZone Network by:

(1) Promoting membership for all co-operatives in the appropriate regional and/or sector co-operative associations;

(2) Adhering to the Network’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct;

(3) Following operational protocols set out by the Network to ensure coordination of initiatives undertaken by the Network;

(4) Paying dues as set by the CoopZone membership, from time to time, to help cover the expenses of the Network


B) Commitments of CoopZone

CoopZone commits to:

(1) Develop and maintain the CoopZone web site;

(2) Maintain a listing on the site of all developers in good standing, and identify their skills;

(3) Provide training and networking opportunities for members;

(4) Share development resources within the Network;

(5) Provide the Network’s co-op developers with access to development opportunities;

(6) Promote the Network to co-operative and community development organisations; and

(7) Provide an opportunity for entry to the co-op development field.


See CoopZone’s Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct.