Telelearning Call One: Assessing Groups

A telelearning call with approaches and tools for assessing groups.

The attachment below is a summary transcript of the session.


  • Approaches & Tools for Assessing Groups
  • RC: This is a huge topic, encompassing group dynamics and inter-personal relationships.  First, I would like to get a sense of people’s expectations / hopes for this call.
  • PD:  I would like to learn about tools that you use to do assessments of groups.
  • PH: The issues sent out with the invitation were:
  • Some issues to be explored:
  • Identifying leadership – formal and informal
  • Are there shared goals?
  • Evaluating expectations – are they shared and realistic?
  • Determining level of initial commitment
  • How well do the potential members know one another?
  • Does this meet people’s expectations?
  • AR: I would like to explore more how to build groups & not just measure them.
  • BF: My approach was to focus on initial stages, in each of the 3 stages of groups that approach us:
    • groups of residents
    • transitional groups
    • non-profits, which want to either assist their clients launching a co-op, or do revenue generation themselves.
  • Also looking at it thru various lenses, including human resources & financial resources.

…Continued in attachment.

CoopZone Telelearning Session 1 – Transcript_0