Legal Network

The CoopZone Legal Network is a Canadian network of people and organizations dedicated to providing legal services and information to co-operatives and to entrepreneurs who are considering starting a co-op. You can find legal resources here.  Near the end of this page, you will find a brochure about the CoopZone Legal Network.

Membership is open to all interested professionals in these categories:

  • Lawyers,
  • Professors of law and related subjects who cover legal topics,
  • Law students, and
  • Staff of Public Legal Education & Information associations, Law Foundations, Law Societies, and the Canadian Bar Association.

Members in private practice are listed here, where other members including corporate counsel at co-operative organizations and public legal education associations are listed here.  There is also a web site for co-op lawyers internationally, here:  It states, “IUS Cooperativum is the first website to facilitate the sharing of information, opinions and data about cooperative law.”

Join the Legal Network:

Anyone in one of the above categories can be accepted into the CoopZone Legal Network as a Professional Service Provider member. To apply, please download and complete the application form at the end of this page.


  • Individuals: $200 / year
  • Organizations:
    • 1st member: $200 / year
    • Next 2-3 members: $100 / year (each)
    • Next 4-12 members: $50 / year (each)

Those who join in the second half of the CoopZone financial year (year-end is March 31st) pay 1/2 the dues in the year that they join.  The maximum dues level per organization is $1,000 / year.

Steering Committee members

The Legal Network is governed by a Steering Committee, made up of the following members:

  • David Daughton (CoopZone Board Past President, Charlottetown)
  • Hazel Corcoran (CoopZone Executive Director, Calgary)
  • George Brown (Lawyer, Ottawa)
  • Lauren Blumas (Lawyer, Toronto)
  • Mary Childs (Lawyer, Vancouver)

The Steering Committee welcomes new members.

If interested, please contact Hazel Corcoran,, or David Daughton,