Health Care Co-operatives, in Canada & globally – Tele-learning Session Notes, September 2011

TELE-LEARNING SESSION: Presented by Vanessa Hammond & Jean-Pierre Girard: Health Care Co-operatives, in Canada & globally, (Introduced by David Daughton)

David Daughton introduced the presenters, Jean-Pierre Girard & Vanessa Hammond.

Jean-Pierre Girard of Université du Québec à Montréal, has been a member of the International Health Co-operative Organization (IHCO; affiliated with ICA) for the past 10 years; and is author of Revolution within a Revolution: Quebec’s experiment with co-operative health care and social service delivery as well as numerous other publications on health care co-ops.

Vanessa Hammond first got involved with co-ops as a youth in Ireland. Has worked with co-ops and the co-op sector in about 25 countries. She now works part time with CCA-CDF and part-time doing co-op development and on the boards of the Victoria Community Health Co-op (President) and the HCCFC.

Please see the notes attached below.