Vision and Functions

The Vision of the CoopZone Network

To enhance the quality of life in Canada by promoting and supporting the growth and development of co-operatives, through mobilizing co-operative developers committed to the vision and objectives of the co-operative movement.

Key Functions of the CoopZone Developers Network

  1. To identify and develop a self-supporting group of co-op developers that is committed to the vision and objectives of the co-op movement.
  2. To increase the interaction among consultants, developers and other professionals working with existing or new co-operatives.
  3. To stimulate the development and sharing of co-op resource materials.
  4. To provide opportunities for on-going skill enhancement and training.
  5. To provide members of the CZDN with access to co-op development opportunities, where applicable.
  6. To stimulate the development of new co-ops by linking qualified developers to co-op development opportunities.
  7. To encourage new and existing co-operatives to join the appropriate co-op sector organisations.