Join the Developers’ Network

The CoopZone Developers’ Network is a network of people and organizations dedicated to providing professional assistance to co-op entrepreneurs who are considering starting a new co-op or expanding an existing co-op. Membership is open to all interested professionals as follows.

Member Categories:

  1. Developer Members
    Individuals who work with co-op entrepreneurs as consultants or facilitators on various aspects of the development path and have completed the self-assessment Skill Identification Process. Use the application below labeled “CZDN Application FNL”.
  2. Professional Service Provider Members
    Individuals who provide services in their areas of professional designation: Lawyer, Certified General Accountant, etc.  To join in this category of member, please use the application form labeled, “CZDN Application PSP”, below.  This includes members of the CoopZone Legal Network.
  3. Allied Members
    Individuals interested in gaining knowledge or in financially supporting the CZDN but who do not generally provide consulting or facilitating assistance to co-op entrepreneurs or have not completed the self-assessment Skills Identification Process.  Use the application form labeled “CZDN Application FNL”, below, but do not complete the form after page 6.


Individuals: $200 / year


  • 1st member: $200 / year
  • Next 2-3 members: $100 / year (each)
  • Next 4-12 members:  $50 / year (each)

Those who join in the second half of the CoopZone financial year (year-end is March 31st) pay 1/2 the dues in the year that they join. The maximum dues level per organization is $1,000 / year.

Please download the relevant Application Form, attached, as per the explanation of the three member categories above.

CZDN ApplicationPSP 12-2013
CZDN Application FNL3-2013