Benefits of Membership

Benefits of joining the CoopZone Network:

  • You will be listed on the CoopZone web site, as either a developer member, allied member, or professional service provider member. CoopZone will provide co-op development projects with the list of developers.
  • You will have the opportunity for increased interaction with other consultants and/or professionals working with existing or new co-operatives, including through member-only listservs*.  There is one for Legal Network members, and another one for developers, allied members and other types of professional service provider members.
  • You will have improved access to co-op resource materials and training.
  • You will have improved opportunities to bid on contracts to carry out development initiatives, especially in some regions.
  • You can participate without cost in the CoopZone tele-learning training series.
  • You are invited to periodic tele-conferences and Forums where you have training and networking opportunities as well as a say in the running of the Network.
  • You get a discounted registration fee for CoopZone Conferences.
  • You have the opportunity to run for the Board of Directors, which is elected by the membership.

You will be in touch with interesting articles such as this “Co-operative Manifesto”, also known as “There Is No More Important Social Change Work You Can Do Than Cooperative Development”; see this Geo newsletter.

Protocols for Use of Listservs:

We encourage members to use the CoopZone group mailing lists (“listservs”) to communicate with other CoopZone members, in sharing opportunities, asking questions, etc., but to be mindful of the protocols:

  1. We use a subject line protocol : the subject line is to clearly and succinctly state the content of the email and to define the intended audience, e.g. “Manitoba Bike Co-op Financing Question”, or “Nova Scotia Housing Co-op Question”.  This is very important so that people can easily ignore those items which do not interest them, and know to jump in when they have something to contribute or ask.
  2. In responding, people should generally respond to the group email address instead of to the individual only, so that others can know whether the response sought was already given, and can follow the thread of conversation generally.

On the CoopZone group list, if you would like to reply to only the writer, use reply; or if to all CoopZone members, use reply all.  To ask a question, at any time write to the listserv address which is supplied to each member.

To know who is on the listserv, you can go to CoopZone Developers Network, and either view members by province or else select “list all members.” Note this may not be perfectly correlated to the listserv members at any given time, but it’s very close.  Only email addresses on the listserv can send messages to it.

Member can ask to be removed from the list at any time, by contacting us.

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