2019 conference

2019 CoopZone - CWCF Conference

October 24-26
Tatamagouche - Nova Scotia

Building Resilient Communities Ecology, Equality and Workplace Democracy
As with all businesses, the climate crisis presents a challenge for worker co-ops. Unlike with many other businesses, however, it is one that worker co-ops are well-positioned to respond to because of their roots in their communities, voluntary and open membership, and democratic structure. The impacts of climate change pose disproportionate risks for historically marginalized groups. But developing a green economy by growing and strengthening the worker co-op movement also helps to empower people with the prospect of new employment opportunities, more livable communities, and more control over their labour. Through following sustainable practices and/or working directly in the green economy to help address the climate crisis as well as building equality and democracy in the workplace, worker co-ops can help transform our world to a better economy, society, and environment for everyone. In addition to covering this important theme at the Conference, there will be a Worker Co-op Intensive session, a CoopZone hosted intensive session, workshops on topics of practical interest, and great networking opportunities.


CoopZone’s Intensive session is about workshops, presentations and panels on the co-op model to serve the renewable energy.

CoopZone - CWCF Conference


WHERE: Tatamagouche Centre, 259 Loop Route 6, RR#3, Tatamagouche, NS

For more information, please email Amine El Hafa at amine@coopzone.coop.

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