Co-operative Sustainability Scorecard

Background to Scoreboard

by Russ Christianson

“Attached is a Co-operative Sustainability Scorecard that I have been working on for some time now. It is very thoroughly researched – I have read everything I have come across regarding sustainability indicators, etc.

It is particularly designed for small and medium sized co-operatives, as an affordable, easy to use self-assessment tool. However, large co-operatives could also benefit from its use.

This is a gift to co-operatives throughout the world.

I hope that you will freely distribute the attachments far and wide. You will notice that I have used the Creative Commons copyright. This allows people to share the information freely, without worrying about copyright violations. The two one-page documents I wrote on Co-operative Sustainability are not meant to be altered, just shared freely. The spreadsheet is for direct use by co-operatives and the yellow-highlighted cells are meant to be filled in by each co-operative on its own. The non-highlighted cells are locked so that people cannot inadvertently change them.

I would very much appreciate any feedback.

Russ Christianson


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