Co-op Feasibility

A document about co-op feasibility.


Co-op Feasibility

Written by Russ Christianson

All right, you have already completed the Co-op Self-Assessment.  If you still feel confident that a co-op business is the right thing for you and your group, the next step is to investigate its feasibility.  A feasibility study involves gathering, analyzing and evaluating information with the purpose of answering the question:  “Should the co-op go into this business?”
This exercise will build on the Co-op Self-Assessment and delve deeper into the merits and challenges that your co-op enterprise will likely face.  The process is designed for your group to share the work, have discussions and help you screen out business ideas that are likely to fail.  The process will also test the group’s solidarity and productivity.  Put it this way, if your group can’t confidently and efficiently complete a feasibility study, it’s not likely you’ll be able to successfully start and operate a business together.

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