Become Member

Benefits of joining the CoopZone Network:

  1. You will be listed on the CoopZone web site, as either a developer member, allied member, or professional service provider member. CoopZone will provide co-op development projects with the list of developers.
  2. You will have the opportunity for increased interaction with other consultants and/or professionals working with existing or new co-operatives, including through member-only listservs*.  There is one for Legal Network members, and another one for developers, allied members and other types of professional service provider members.
  3. You will have improved access to co-op resource materials and training.
  4. You will have improved opportunities to bid on contracts to carry out development initiatives, especially in some regions.
  5. You can participate without cost in the CoopZone tele-learning training series.
  6. You are invited to periodic tele-conferences and Forums where you have training and networking opportunities as well as a say in the running of the Network.
  7. You get a discounted registration fee for CoopZone Conferences.
  8. You have the opportunity to run for the Board of Directors, which is elected by the membership.


(1)  Developer members – those who have completed the Skill Identification process and meet the minimum requirements as set by the CoopZone Board. 

(2)  Allied members – those who do not fit as professional members, and have not filled out the developer skills identification, or who do not (yet) qualify as or wish to be developer members.

(3) Professional Service Providers – those persons who wish to be identified by their professional designation: e.g. Lawyer, Certified General Accountant, etc.  This member category uses a different application form, and eligible members may automatically join the CoopZone Legal Network.


  • 1st member: $200 / year
  • Next 2-3 members: $100 / year (each)
  • Next 4-12 members:  $50 / year (each)

The maximum dues level per organization is $1,000 / year.


$200 / year

Those who join in the second half of the CoopZone financial year (year-end is March 31st) pay 1/2 the dues in the year that they join. 



Send your membership’s application via mail

  1. Please download the relevant Application Form 
  2. Fill it and send it with the cheque to:
223, rue Main Street, Box/Boîte 90
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 1C4