About Us

CoopZone is a network of people and organizations which help others to start and develop co-operatives. The CoopZone Developers’ Network Co-operative has been incorporated since mid-2009.

CoopZone Governance:

The CoopZone Board is made up of the following members:
Pascal Billard (President – Quebec),
Jill Kelly  (Treasurer – BC),
Directors:  Joy Emmanuel (At-Large), Peter Hough (Atlantic), Peter Cameron (Ontario), Billy Granger (Manitoba), Mary Childs (Legal Network – BC).

CoopZone Board Policy
Objective: to ensure that the number of directors will be sufficient to represent the membership effectively, represent the diversity of members, and make effective decisions.

Policy – The board of directors will consist of 8 directors.

CoopZone Board Composition Policy
Objective: to ensure the board of directors represents the diversity of the CoopZone Membership.
For the purposed of this policy, 5 regions have been identified:

  • BC and Yukon
  • Prairies and NWT and Nunavut
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Atlantic Canada

In addition to the 5 regional directors, there will be 2 at-large directors, and (added in 2017) 1 Legal Network member.

Board selection criteria:
Each region shall have a minimum of 1 director on the board and no region may have more than 3 directors.

The following are targets:

  • There shall be a minimum of 2 francophone directors on the board.
  • There shall be a minimum of 2 Anglophone directors on the board.
  • There shall be a minimum of 3 bilingual directors.
  • There shall be a minimum of 4 directors who are active developers.
  • There shall be 1 director who is a Professional Service Provider member.
  • There shall be a target of 1 director who is an associate member.

CoopZone Management:

  • CoopZone is managed by the Conseil de la coopération de l’Ontario’s team of professionals. For more information, please contact Julien Geremie, Executive Director at 613-745-8619 ext. 6610 or 416-364-4545.

Please see below for the background documents for the 2017 AGM.  (Now complete.)

2) Language Guidelines 20175) Agenda CZ AGM 9-2017 fnl 6) Minutes CZ AGM 9-2016 draft_fnl 7) Voting Procedure2017 8) CoopZone Board-Staff Report_sept2017  9) CZLN Report to the CoopZone 2017 AGM  10b) Comparative Balance Sheet March 2017.xls 11) CoopZone Training Program – Sept 2017_fnl  12) Auditor Resolution 2017 14) Work plan 2017-18_fnl_clean 14b) CoopZone Strategic Plan 2017_short_fnl 15) Budget 2017-18 16) Board Election and Candidate Biographies 201717) EN CoopZone Day Nov. 2017_20092017v817) FR CoopZone Day Nov. 2017_20092017v8 10a) Comparative Income Statement March 31 2017 Sept 7 fnl2


Please see attached below for all the background documents from the AGM in 2016.

2-language-guidelines-2016  5-agenda-cz-agm-9-2016_fnl  6-minutes-cz-agm-9-2015   7-voting-procedure2016  8-coopzone-board-staff-report_sept2016  9-czln-report-to-the-coopzone-2016-agm  9-czln-report-to-the-coopzone-2016-agm  10a-cz-comparative-balance_5aug_2016_fnl  10b-cz-comparative-income_5aug2016-fnl  12-auditor-resolution-2016   14-work-plan-2016-17_fnl  15-budget-2016-17_fnl  16-board-election-and-candidate-biographies17) EN CoopZone Day Nov. 2017_20092017v8 17) FR CoopZone Day Nov. 2017_20092017v8

Please see attached below for all the background documents from the 2015 AGM.

CZLN Report to the CoopZone 2015 AGMv  CZ AGM 9-2014 minutes_draft-fnlBudget 2015-16 fnlCoopZone Board-Staff Report_sept2015  CZ Income Statement 2015 YE_fnl_w_comparisons  CZ YE Balance Sheet_fnl  Minutes CZ AGM 9-2015 DRAFTV2  Work plan 2015-16_fnl

Background Documents from 2014 are below:

140423 Budget 2014-15 Draft V2 140331 CZone Income Statement_variance_fnl 140331 Balance Sheet (comparative) – CZone Work plan 2014-15_fnl    CZ AGM Minutes 9-2013_draft_fnl CoopZone Board-Staff Report_sept2014

Background documents from 2013 are below:

Budget 2013-14  Comparative Income Statement YE 130331    Comparative Balance Sheet YE 130331Highlights of the past year – AGM Report 2013  Workplan 2013-2014