Getting Assistance

Need assistance? CoopZone is your information centre for resources and advisory services!

CoopZone was formed with the primary goal of nurturing co-operative growth in Canada. Our services are available to members of existing co-ops, who want to strengthen or grow their co-op, and to community leaders who are still at the idea stage with respect to starting a co-op. We are a bilingual national support network that strives to bring together all of the ideas, learnings and best practices from the various regions and sectors of the country in an effort to provide a centralized source of information and support.

There are countless available resources for creating Canadian co-operatives and a significant part of CoopZone’s mandate is to bring this information together for easy reference for potential developers. The federal government, the provinces and territories – and various non-governmental organizations – all provide guidelines, checklists, case studies, best practices and other materials and this section will continue to grow as we collect the tools and information you need to succeed.

Here’s what CoopZone has to offer:

  • Information on starting and growing a co-op
  • Guidance and advice through co-operative organizations and developers in your region
  • Basic information on the services offered by provincial and national co-operative associations and federations
  • Case studies, successes and best practices
  • National communications and promotions
  • Co-op Index

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