2019 conference

Building Resilient Communities
Ecology, Equality and Workplace Democracy

As with all businesses, the climate crisis presents a challenge for worker co-ops. Unlike with many other businesses, however, it is one that worker co-ops are well-positioned to respond to. Because of their roots in their communities, democratic structure, and commitment to sustainability, worker co-ops can play a critical role in not only responding to climate change but in creating the kind of shared well-being that the world needs now more than ever. The current capitalist system has exploited indigenous peoples, communities of colour, and the peoples of the global south while enriching the wealthiest 1% and it is clear that this system cannot continue. Worker co-ops and the solidarity economy, however, offer an alternative. By placing those most at risk from the effects of climate change at the centre of this transformation — the Green New Deal — worker co-ops can create a better economy, society, and environment for all of us.

For its day, CoopZone invites you to join them for workshops, presentations and panels on  co-operative model under the theme of renewable energy.

CoopZone’s day:  October 24

Where: Tatamagouche Centre, 259 Loop Route 6, RR#3, Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0

For more information, please email Amine El Hafa at amine@coopzone.coop