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CoopZone Winter 2014 Newsletter

The CoopZone winter newsletter has lots of updates including a CoopZone update, an update on the Unity progress, and a variety of other articles, book and calls for papers.

CoopZone Fall 2013 Newsletter

The CoopZone fall newsletter has updates from the AGM, a tribute to Ian MacPherson, information on the ICA Conference and more...

CWCF-CoopZone 2013 Conference Presentations Available!

The joint CWCF-CoopZone Conference took place in Nov., 2013, just outside of Edmonton.  Most of the presentations are now available on line.  

CoopZone 2013 AGM

CoopZone's AGM took place on Monday, September 23, 2013, by conference call.

This was also an opportunity to hear about the the new national, bilingual Apex organization by keynote speaker Denyse Guy. She presented about the formation and status of the new Apex, to be called "Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada".  Denyse, who is a long-time member of CoopZone, is the Executive Director of the Canadian Co-operative Association and the interim Executive Director of the Apex.

CoopZone Training Program
CoopZone Training Program

Did you know that there is another Coop Zone? Coop Zone (or the "Zone Coop") is a consumer cooperative in Quebec City, which offers the university community -- and the academic world -- a range of products and high quality services tailored to the needs of its members throughout their educational and professional path; hardware and technical services, books and stationery, e-books, art supplies, clothing and promotional items.

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