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CoopZone announces new Course Director

See attached press release announcing the new Course Director for CoopZone.

CoopZone also wishes to express its deep gratitude to Peter Hough, who coordinated the creation of the on-line co-op development Training Program for CoopZone, along with other very experienced developers. He has been its Course Director for the first four years of the Program, ending this summer as he retires.

Tele-learning Session: Investment Shares in Co-ops - May 19, 2015 ( 12:00 noon Eastern Time)

by lawyers Brian Iler and Laird Hunter

This session, offered jointly by CWCF and CoopZone, will cover the following areas:

* The nature of preferred shares, terms & conditions - the basics that should be in every preferred share, all the issues around redemption (e.g., is it possible to structure preferred shares so that they are redeemable in part, and not to all shareholders)?

You are invited to a Tele-learning session on What is CoopZone & How Can it be Useful to You? on March 31, 2015

Want to find out more about CoopZone? Want to find out how it would help you? Here is a chance to get more information and ask questions. There will be two sessions, one in English and one in French. CoopZone is the Network of co-operative developers, and individuals and organizations with interest in co-op development.

CoopZone 2014 AGM

CoopZone's AGM took place on Wednesday, September 29, 2014, by conference call.

There were 24 members present and three guests. Staff, board and financial reports were shared and approved. Peter provided an update on the CoopZone Development training program and director elections were also conducted. Ethel Côté and Martin Van Den Borre were both elected by acclamation for two seats at-large that were open.

CoopZone Training Program
CoopZone Training Program

Did you know that there is another Coop Zone? Coop Zone (or the "Zone Coop") is a consumer cooperative in Quebec City, which offers the university community -- and the academic world -- a range of products and high quality services tailored to the needs of its members throughout their educational and professional path; hardware and technical services, books and stationery, e-books, art supplies, clothing and promotional items.

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